Spouting Off

Kataline on Main Street


    • Police began arresting violent students at Yale University who had been staging an anti-Israel protest there for several days. Where has Leftist “tolerance” for “diversity” gone? Was always a ruse?
      © Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons
    • The US Senate will soon be voting on banning TikTok. Is this a clever way to get unsuspecting and/or corrupt conservatives to support censorship in America?
    • Biden is re-writing and destroying Title IX which was fought for hard by Feminists everywhere. Why aren’t they calling this “misogynistic?” Don’t you have to be able to define “woman” before you can be pro-woman?

4/22/24  Hour 1
Guests: Mel K, Caroline Moore, Emily Davis


4/22/24 Hour 2
Guests:  Jason Shepher, Al Perrotta, Mark Miller


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