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Kataline: The Alan Nathan Show, 10.5.20

The Main Street Radio Network

Karen Kataline hosts The Alan Nathan Show.

  • Conservatives like Kayleigh McEnany and more test positive for COVID.  But is it the end of the world or will watching them recover break through the irrational fear?
  • Was Donald Trump’s “drive-by” to greet his supporters really that controversial or was that the breathless Left never letting an opportunity to smear Donald Trump go to waste?
  • How come it’s okay to wish death on the President of the United States?  To some people, that’s suddenly okay as long as you wish death on the right people. Talk about from the petty to the profane.
  • Hold onto your socks! It’s the sprint to the finish and the last month running up to election day. How do you keep your sanity? Who should you turn off? How do you get accurate news?

GUESTS: Art Moore, Juan Gaud, Ted Harvey, Kurt Schlicter, Don Irvine, Phil Kerpen

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