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Democrats Succeed in Delaying the Process while Rushing to Judgement

It has come to this: In order to produce the political outcome they want, Democrats are willing and in some cases advocating for an end to due process.  Along with our history, and our time-honored traditions, they are now prepared to throw out the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. It is one of the cornerstones of our Republic.

Alan Dershowitz might be the last honest Democrat. He said this week that such a notion is dangerous and un-American.

It doesn’t matter that Democrats are in the minority. It doesn’t matter that they lost an election. They are willing to smear and destroy a Supreme Court nominee and drag the country through the mud to do it.  Their selective moral outrage as everyone knows, never included Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy or more recently, Keith Ellison. Such blatant hypocrisy doesn’t matter to them either.

How convenient that many of the sketchy accusations thus far are not provable since they are more than 35 plus years old. Nevertheless, many on the Left have already called for Kavanaugh to remove his name from consideration for the Supreme Court. Could this possibly be a transparent illustration of what they have wanted all along?  Nah.

The whole charade insults our intelligence.

The original accuser said she didn’t want to make her accusations under oath. That request should alert any fair-minded individual to the lack of veracity of her tale. It remains to be seen whether the Senatorial committee will knuckle under to that demand as well as others. How paradoxical that Democrats have rushed to judgement while successfully delaying due process.  Only they could get away with such a thing but they shouldn’t be allowed to.

It’s time to question the motives of these lawmakers. Why would they support an accuser who refuses to go under oath and who dictates the terms under which she will testify?  Should it affect her credibility that she asks that the accused defend himself against charges she has not yet made? What about the attorneys who ought to know better? Such requests reveal more about the accuser than it does about the accused.

Do Grassley and company believe they’ll get “credit” from Democrats and/or left-leaning voters for being patient and reasonable?  Hardly. Their permissiveness has been rewarded with smears. They have been called “old, white, men.”   The Left uses age, race and gender and of course, political affiliation to impugn the motives and character of those who have bent over backwards to appease the accuser.  So much for being patient and reasonable.

Why are Democrat lawmakers promoting lawlessness?  It’s well past time for these feckless Republicans on the committee to apply some tough love. If they don’t, these lawless Democrats will keep escalating their demands, subverting the process and holding the country hostage.

Karen Kataline

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