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An Open Letter to Governor Greg Abbott

Dear Governor Abbott,

I am a proud, new “Texas transplant” from Colorado. I was pleased when you lifted your mask mandate but frankly, I wondered why it took so long. Such one-size-fits-all dictates play into the hands of those who clearly hate this state and this country and mean to rob us of our God-given Liberties.

Now we can see how addicted many people have become to these masks because they’ve been conditioned for over a year. More people than ever (but still not enough) realize that this was the goal all along.

Still, those who love Liberty would never think of preventing those who still want to wear a mask to wear one.  Too bad that “live and let live attitude is among the most treasured American principles that are now under attack. In the current climate it is essential to be proactive instead of reactive.

We implore you to issue an executive order similar to Governor DeSantis’ of Florida that the citizens of Texas shall not be forced to put a foreign substance (vaccine passports) into our bodies or be discriminated against in any way. We will not be deprived of our Constitutional rights to freedom of movement, assembly, commerce and speech (among others.)

I am also a Jewish Conservative. Forced vaccinations sound a lot like forced tattoos. Frankly, they sound more like Josef Mengele as these drugs are experimental yet people are being told not to question anything. They are being censored and shut down for asking questions.  This is so profoundly un-American that the only thing worse is that so many do not know that.

Let those who want a world of masks and vaccines for an almost 100% non-lethal virus participate. Please protect Conscientious Objectors to be not to. Whatever happened to “My body, my choice?”

These are devastatingly dangerous times for all of our God-given rights including our right to defend ourselves and our families from an out-of-control government. This one became that a long time ago.

In the true spirit of Liberty by which the Lone Star State is so famous, we ask you please, to do everything you can to protect the Liberty of Texans from the scourge of totalitarianism coming from Washington DC.
Yours Sincerely,
Karen Kataline

Karen Kataline

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