Spouting Off

Two hours with Karen Kataline


      • Some states are finally understanding the cruelty and destructiveness of “defunding the police.” Why doesn’t Joe Biden?
      • Didja watch the Oscars? How about Biden’s State of the Union address? More and more people are skipping these pre-planned, agenda-driven, dog and pony shows that present an alternate reality than the one they’re living. What’s more, they’re not even feeling guilty about it!
      • The latest jobs report shows that the labor market is softening under the weight of prolonged high inflation and high interest rates. People are living it, so why does the Biden Administration keep pretending that everything is so great?

Hour 1
Guests:  Nicole McCaw, Michael Letts, Alfredo Ortiz

Hour 2
Guests:  Dr. Larry Schweikart, Lee Williams, Jason “Stor” Nelson






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