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Pivots, Privilege, & Propaganda

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Remember when the left made a cause célèbre of keeping the HIV status of mostly gay people private?

They said a person shouldn’t have to disclose whether they were HIV positive even to a sexual partner who could contract it.

In a complete 180,  they now say that people who continue to make decisions about their own health should have to disclose their “vaccination status” to the media and the public.

Never mind that people who are fully vaccinated should supposedly not need to care. There are no boundaries of privacy in a socialist society.

For example, the writer of the following piece is horrified that despite massive social pressure, Sam Darnold claims the right to determine for himself whether he will allow himself to be injected with an experimental drug:

Do fans, media have the right to know about players’ vaccination status?

Note that the writer also uses the story to inform the public that, “Employers do have the right, under U.S. law, to force their employees to get vaccinated.”  He neglects to mention that a flurry of lawsuits testing this in court as we speak.

The overt socialist/communist Left has done an out-face on just about every issue they said they used to care most about:

  • Women’s sports and women’s rights: 250 lb men can pummel women in a wrestling ring but we’re against violence against women
  • The Environment: It’s okay for cities to be trashed with garbage and human waste, but we must retro-fit buildings so they have no windows.
  • Public safety: We must ignore whether illegal aliens are criminals or have COVID but we must police law-abiding citizens even to the point of keeping them locked in their homes.
  • Free speech: We used to claim to be champions of free thought and free speech. Now, we burn books and censor people for expressing dissenting opinions. Lenny Bruce would be proud.
  • Privilege: We scream about “privilege” but we give the wealthiest billionaires and British royalty a pass as long as they parrot our Leftist propaganda.
  • Racism: We were adamantly against segregation, racist stereotypes, and discrimination. Now we actively champion all of those things in the service of demonizing all white people and Trump voters regardless of their color or ethnicity.

About the only thing consistent about this bunch these days is how it’s never about what they say it’s about. It’s always about erasing free will, personal responsibility and Liberty itself.

Of course we can argue the specific points but we should never trust their stated motive.

Unless we continue to point out their true purpose and connect the dots, we’ll be chasing the fantasy they keep spinning.

If there is such a thing as “political sanity” it’s practically a requirement. Never trust the headline.

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