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The First Democrat Debate, Parts I & II: “I don’t think you’re a racist, but…”

Part II:  “I don’t think you’re a racist, but…”

I made it through the second night of the Democrat debate.  It confirmed what I have thought for several years.  The next Democrat candidate for President has likely been anointed and will fill the category in the Left’s pecking order of identity politics.  Kamala Harris has big donor money behind her and is being positioned to take out Donald Trump.  There is hardly any daylight between the views of these 20+ candidates. Open borders, check. Gun confiscation, check. Socialized medicine and free health care for illegals, check.  The real choice is not a race for ideas. Those have already been decided. For Democrats, it’s always and only about identity politics.  Race, Gender, and who can be the biggest victim in the victim derby.

We’ve had the first black President (and that worked out so well.)  Now, we need the first black, female President!  Kamala Harris is the Obama Administration 2.0.  Democrats are prepared to ride Joe Biden out on a rail. All the more reason we should probably support him for President. Unfortunately, Biden probably won’t need more than a nudge.  But judging by his escalating gaffes and confusion, they have to remind him where the door is.


Part I:   Transgender access to Abortion & Reparations for Gays

After the first night of the Democrat debates, it’s clear to me that the Left is living in an alternate universe. Either they’re believing their own spin or they’ve fallen off the turnip truck.

Julian Castro got applause for advocating abortion rights for transgenders. Well, men having babies who are really women, maybe but this twisted reality is dangerous only because there are some people who have lost their ability to think critically.

Meanwhile, the lockstep Left is so focused on their mascot victim groups, they have thoroughly thrown biology out the window along with their old feminist views, old environmental views, and old immigration views.  Last night was all about who could pander to preferred groups the best and the loudest….especially if you can do it in Spanish.

I could do a lot more analysis of the clown show last night but I still have to recover so I can do it all again tonight.

Who says politics isn’t entertaining?



photo credit#1: Gage Skidmore Kamala Harris via photopin (license)

photo credit#2: Women’s March for Reproductive Rights Chicago Illinois 5-20-19_0696 via photopin (license)

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