Response to a poignant & powerful post from a Dad…

Poignant and powerful post from Paul Andrew Charles Godfrey
#WalkAway Campaign Discussion Group.

The seeds of the current Leftist cult are in full bloom and that cult is behind many of the horrors of 2020.

How would you answer this heartfelt question from this Dad?

Here’s what I would say:

Study the deprogramming techniques that have successfully been used to free people from cults.   That’s what this is and it’ll take patience and persistence.

You must walk a tightrope. Do not concede to nonsense. Calmly explain that you have rights to disagree and to choose your words in the same way she does. Don’t lecture but ask questions. Keep asking her questions not to argue with her but to get her to start asking questions herself. Cults rob people of their free will and their independent thinking. Once someone finally has the courage to question the cult and their orthodoxy, other questions follow. Then they begin to see how they’re treated simply for the sin of thinking for themselves.


“This is a personal question… like, I need advice…
I’m a “cis-gendered, white, conservative, Christian man.”
My daughter, (largely in cash on my dime) was “educated” at the University of Oklahoma (liberal arts). Since then, our formerly very close relationship has dramatically shifted. Now “she” has recently informed me that “she” has changed her pronouns to “them/they”. I have been asked to refer to her as my “child” instead of “daughter”.

Yesterday, I saw on my feed a post from OU which posted a “Pride” flag, with the statement “Love is Love”. I admit, I acted in anger (as I feel my daughter’s current ideological opinions have taken her love from me, and those opinions were seeded/heavily watered at OU). I posted a statement in the post “I want a refund your ‘education’ (indoctrination) of my daughter.”

She/They saw the statement and texted me to “please remove your hurtful post”.

My rage at the system that has swallowed my daughter and is attempting to quell my free speech came swiftly, but thankfully I did not act on it. I removed the statement, and simply texted “done”… my daughter is still “in there”. I have to build a bridge. I need prayer. For me and my (ever increasing) lack of patience, for her eyes to be opened, and for guidance in the meantime.

Does anyone have any constructive advice?

Thank you in advance. 🇺🇸


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