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Questions to Counter Entrenched Leftism

It’s tough not to say “I told you so” with an article like the one below. No one wants to admit they’ve been duped. But voila, they’ve been duped.

If you can get a friend or political foe to ask that very first question, you have a chance to change their mind. The asking of questions is the beginning of independent thought.  They shouldn’t believe you either.

For example, with a fatality rate of less than 1%, why would Leftist, Democrat politicians be treating this virus like the bubonic plague?

Why are they using it as an excuse to take away people’s private property and small businesses? –to tank the economy? -to destroy the free market (you’re getting warmer.)  Why are small businesses their biggest target?

“Cuz big businesses “does business” with the government. What do you call government control of the means of production?

Why No Democrat will Admit the Truth About COVID-19 – Investment Watch


photo credit: wuestenigel SUV stuck in the forest via photopin (license)



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