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Spouting Off # 370 7-15-22 Biden in Israel: Really?

Putting the “Judeo” in “Judeo-Christian,”  Karen gives her uncensored take on the smorgasbord of embarrassments of Biden’s trip to Israel.

Will he still have credibility with Jews and Christian supporters of Israel when his party refuses to reprimand its openly anti-Semitic congress critters?

Special guests:

Cain (TaskForceFreedom@aol.com) describes himself as a “proud American Negro.” He served in the military and approx. 15 yrs in law enforcement and as a investigator, also spent 20 years in business. He is the Founder Task Force Freedom, a non-profite advocacy group. Their mission is to fight the teaching of CRT, SEL and the sexual grooming of children in the gov’t schools.

John D. Kuhns on the protest in the CCP over the confiscation of life savings.
Kuhns is the author of three previously published novels, including China Fortunes, Ballad of a Tin Man, and South of the Clouds. He writes stories derived from his personal experiences. He has lived and worked in Bougainville since 2015.**




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