These are Not ‘Unintended Consequences.”…

These are Not 'Unintended Consequences."

I'll never understand why Republicans insist on attributing good intentions to people and a party that consistently proves that their intentions are intended.

Who didn't see this coming? Those who have dutifully complied with foolish and irrational edicts designed to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals while coddling criminals and portraying them as victims.

Did you know there are plenty of federal laws on the books that prevent people from wearing masks. How about walking into a bank with one? While the camera tries to identify you in case you decide to stage a bank robbery, you will be less of a criminal than the citizen who insists on openly revealing their face?

If you thought you were living in an alternative universe, you are. What's the best way to end this nightmare? Stop complying with a lie….and pray.

Masks protecting criminals from coronavirus — and cops

The widespread use of face masks across the country has made it more challenging for police officers to identify suspects, solve crimes, and make arrests, according to law enforcement officials.


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