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Kavanaugh Obstruction Is Left’s Latest Attempt To Weaponize #MeToo

You could have predicted it. Once again, the Left is using unsubstantiated charges of sexual misconduct to manipulate the political landscape into one that is more to their liking.

Before his name had even been announced, anti-Trumpers  made no secret of their intention to remove President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court by any means possible, just as they have never stopped trying to remove Donald Trump himself.

It is a testament to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s character that Democrats had to reach all the way back to his juvenile years at an all boy’s school to find something they thought they could use. Don’t they usually fight against the idea of minors being charged as adults even when the crime is murder? Yet, they’re not ashamed of scrutinizing the alleged behavior of a 17-year-old boy if it accomplishes their political mission.

Conservatives laugh at the Left’s desperation and selective outrage, but they aren’t necessarily ineffective.

When Democrats were left with no control of the federal government and President Trump ruined their plans to coronate Hillary Clinton as the first female president, they looked to state governments to avenge her embarrassing defeat and take back power.

For the last year, they’ve been weaponizing the #MeToo movement and doing so without that pesky requirement of having to win elections first. Judge Kavanaugh is merely their latest victim.

Sexual Misconduct: Weaponizing #MeToo

According to a Ballotpedia report, 30 states have reported one or more sexual misconduct allegations since October 2017. Sixty-seven male lawmakers have been accused; 32 have resigned, were expelled, or did not seek re-election. Norm Macdonald probably didn’t know it, but there have already been two related suicides: Republican state Rep. Brandon Hixon of Idaho in October 2017, and Democratic state Rep. Dan Johnson of Kentucky in December 2017.

Most of the men forced from office resigned without a fight but in two notable cases they fought back. Their attempts to defend themselves were called retaliatory and were met with greater threats if they refused to resign. Both were eventually expelled in states where that hadn’t happened in 70 and 103 years respectively.  In Colorado, a U.S. Senator was alleged to have offered the lawmaker a job so he could “land well.”

Independent investigations of all of these cases have been difficult because the accused former lawmakers have retreated from public life. Their lives and reputations are in ruins. What demands just as serious an investigation is whether there has been a concerted effort by Democrats to remake state governments across the country.

Democratic groups have already called for Judge Kavanaugh to withdraw his name from consideration. Have they been trying to set a precedent for toppling their main target, the President?

Conservative men find it difficult to speak out against the excesses of the #MeToo movement, lest they be called a “misogynist.” These smears sound suspiciously like the ones that were hurled at almost anyone who opposed the President Obama on either principle or policy, or those who opposed gay marriage: “Racist!” “Sexist!” “Homophobe!”

Bigoted Smears

How long will these blanket, bigoted smears keep working for the Left?  As long as conservatives keep allowing them to go unchallenged.

On this issue, conservative women are in the best position to be the adults in the room. We see the folly of turning all women into victims and all men into perpetrators. It does a terrible disservice to both.

We welcome the accountability that comes with the privilege of adult womanhood. We don’t expect to be believed, or garner votes simply because we are women.

We believe that rape and sexual assault are serious crimes. We also believe that serious crimes are trivialized by lumping them together with awkward propositions or boorish comments.

We support due process in every case and on each case’s own merits. We stand up against false charges and those so obviously politically motivated, that the Left digs into the behavior of a repeatedly-vetted Supreme Court Justice nominee when he was 17.

The Left’s longstanding vendetta against straight men and insulting attempts to turn women into a victim-group-turned-voting-bloc must be vigorously opposed — especially by conservative women like me. The dirty little secret is that strong women never chose Ashley Wilkes over Rhett Butler, or Alan Alda over Tom Selleck.

Strong men are not abusive. At their best, they epitomize competitiveness, persistence, resilience and self-reliance. They also have a marked need to provide for and protect their families. That sounds a lot like capitalism, doesn’t it?

We love strong men.

  • Kataline is an author and commentator, Columbia University-trained social worker, and frequent guest host on AM talk radio. She is the producer and host of Spouting Off, a live internet call-in talk show, heard Tuesdays at 4 P.M. E.T. at

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