Trump is a Force of Nature

President Trump does 5 Rallies, 5 states in 1 day

Donald Trump is indeed a force of nature. He is criss-crossing the country, doing 5 rallies a day. The more adversity he faces, the more energized he becomes.  Of how many can you really say that about today?

WATCH LIVE: President Trump speaks at MAGA victory rallies with less than 48 hours to Election Day

No basement. No empty parking lot. And no badakathcare. (?) President Trump will be speaking at THREE rallies from Sunday afternoon into evening, as we continue the final 48 hour push to polls

Just think what he could do if he weren’t dying from coronavirus!  (God forbid!)
Yet, millions of people still cower in their homes believing the fear-mongering and the death-mongering about the virus. The Left is determined to turn us all into “pathetic cringing little milk-sops”   (Hat tip to HW)

Joe Biden can’t read off a teleprompter. He doesn’t know what he’s running for, what day it is or even where he is. He does better in the basement when he doesn’t say anything than when he talks.

Biden is an old, deeply corrupt plagiarist (once a cheat, always a cheat.) but the Left has spent 4 years throwing everything they had at Donald Trump. Not only is he still standing, he has them apoplectic.

Have we ever seen such a lop-sided contest?

This is what happens in Socialism. The most corrupt and the worst possible candidates for any job ‘rise to the “top.”

There’s still time to convince your friends to stop believing the propaganda media and start believing their “lying eyes.”


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