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5 Reasons Why the Swamp is Desperate to Overthrow the most Successful President in Decades

Doggone it, sometimes, the most obvious question is the one that is rarely being asked.

Why is the swamp so desperate to overthrow the most successful President in Decades?

I’m quite sure there are more but here are five reasons:

  • They feared from the very beginning that Trump had the potential to expose their corruption and lawlessness. They were right. He has, and he continues to.
  • The longer Trump is President, the more reality is exposed to the public about what has really been going on in Washington DC.
  • It’s more obvious than ever that politicians who have implored voters every election cycle to believe that they care most about America and Americans has been a bald-faced lie.
  • America has stood in the way of a massive and maniacal plan to usher in globalism, socialism and multi-national corporate domination. Trump’s America First agenda is a direct challenge to everything they have been implementing without the consent of the governed– the American People.  This agenda becomes more obvious with every passing day that Trump remains President of the United States.
  • The biggest lie of all is that these politicians and un-elected bureaucrats ever wanted to lower unemployment (minority or otherwise), make us energy independent, increase opportunities for the prosperity of everyday citizens, secure our borders and protect our sovereignty. The fact that Donald Trump has made these the centerpiece issues of his agenda and even worse, is actually accomplishing these things in record time is the real reason they have been fomenting blind and irrational hatred of him by any means necessary. That has included but hasn’t been limited to spying on him, defaming him and framing him.

Their excuses for such reckless disregard for the will of the American People have been phony and manufactured. That suggests that the biggest threat to the deep state is actually America’s safety and success.

Even the most cynical of political watchers finds that possibility too difficult to contemplate. No wonder so few people are asking the question with which we began.

So, why is the swamp so desperate to overthrow such a successful President?
Because he is such a successful President.


photo credit: Bosc d’Anjou More bureaucrats via photopin (license)

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