America Needs an Independence Day Seder

Mozes ordering let my people go out of Egypt. story of Jewish holiday Passover. vector illustration

A Seder was once described to me as a way to “ingest” the story of Passover.  It seems to have worked.

With traditional foods, a plate to signify parts of the story, fun and games and stories to delight children, the Seder ritual has been an astonishing way to help Jews to keep the story of the Exodus alive and pass it down to their children for thousands of year.

There’s a small but growing tradition to create an Independence Day Seder to help Americans remember the story of America and the fight for our freedom from the British.

Never has it been more needed than now, in a time when too many Americans have no understanding whatsoever of the blessings of Liberty and how America was founded to protect them.

Chag Sameach if you’re celebrating Passover and think about having a Seder this Fourth of July.  Otherwise, we will be taking orders from a “President” on how we are allowed to celebrate it.  Kind of makes the point in a painfully ironic way doesn’t it?

Karen Kataline

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