And the media cheered on…

The kind of bullying and intimidation being done to the GOYA brand endangers every single one of us.  (See link below)

The unfortunate citizens of the old Soviet Union lived in fear of what they said, even to one another behind closed doors. They whispered what they truly thought or were terrified to speak at all. To anyone growing up in America during that time, we thought that was unimaginable. Is that what we want for America? That’s what these enemies of America want.

I worry most about people who cannot see through this and who don’t know that our extraordinary country was created to prevent this kind of tyranny of free expression.

We are now to believe that if you don’t knuckle under to what other people think you should think, that you ought to lose your rights altogether to speak your mind and to make a living. Kinda makes it seem like they’re the criminals doesn’t it? THEY ARE.


Goya CEO’s praise for Trump followed by calls for boycott

Goya, which says it’s the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned food brand, is facing a backlash after its CEO heaped praise for President Trump.


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