“Let ’em die if they don’t comply!”

CDC: Naturally Immune People Do Not Transmit the Virus

Why are Democrats willfully ignoring facts from the CDC?  Isn’t that the same CDC they’ve used to shut down America, force rags on everyone’s face, and continue to force obedience to all manner of unconstitutional edicts?

Letter From CDC Admits They Have ZERO Record of Naturally Immune People Transmitting Virus

Why are they still pretending facts not in evidence and forcing others to pretend as well?

“There’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated!”
“Don’t let them to shop, eat in restaurants or attend funerals, family gatherings or concerts!”
“Don’t let them have live-saving transplants!”
“Shame them, persecute them!”
“Refuse them all medical treatment!”
“Let ’em die if they don’t comply!”

The virus at this point, has one purpose and one purpose only: To be a super spreader of communism and socialism around the world. Sadly, it is proving to be virulent and deadly.

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