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Civil Disobedience isn’t Just for Gandhi Anymore……

It is not only for us to disobey lawless laws, but to demand that those we ELECTED to enforce the lawful ones.

Civil Disobedience isn’t Just for Gandhi Anymore… …it’s for every one of us if we want to save our country.

Tucker Carlson is one of the few pundits who is talking truth. His monologue of 6/25 was darned depressing to watch, but the truth sometimes hurts. We have to tell it anyway.

No wonder the Left is trying so hard to shut him up and/or shut him down.

It is not only for us to disobey lawless laws, but to demand that those we elected to enforce the lawful ones.

We are being boxed into a corner figuratively and literally. We are being baited into either fighting back and inviting retaliation or bullied into staying quiet. The only thing open to us is is civil disobedience. If we don’t learn this and learn it fast, it’s heads they win, tails we lose.

It’s also time to demand that our elected officials who claim to be in support of law and order start enforcing law and order. It is more obvious than ever how Democrats are marching in lock step to incite, enable or ignore destruction on the road to tyranny.

Obama was right about something. Community organizing is powerful. We didn’t even know what it was because we don’t think collectively. They do. It’s time to think collectively in terms of standing up for America. Time to be collectivists in that sense, on an enormous scale.

Parler is a very good start. People are leaving Twitter in droves. It’s about time! Please connect with me there @KarenKataline

When they irrationally want you to do or say things to show your obedience, just say #Nope


[VIDEO] – Tucker Carlson issue serious warning: Trump will LOSE this election if he doesn’t act quickly to stop unrest

Tucker Carlson opened with an alarming monologue about the dire state of the country and the federal government’s slow response to it, and how it may all end in Trump losing if




photo credit: Brechtbug 2020 Bronze Mahatma Gandhi statue Union Square NYC 7382 via photopin (license)

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