Boulder Valley Schools Recommends End to SRO’s

In an announcement that surprised no one, Boulder Valley School Board recommended an end to the School Resource Officer Program (SROs).

In light of the new liberal imperative to defund and abolish law enforcement they seem to have completely forgotten about their former liberal imperative to protect kids from school shootings and other life-threatening crimes.

Here’s one of the key reasons sited:

“In its request, the NAACP cited data that shows Boulder Valley students of color are disciplined — sent out of the classroom, suspended or referred to police — at higher rates than their white classmates.”

How come it is immediately considered to be racist ask if there is a higher percentage of “students of color” who exhibit behavioral problems for which disciplinary actions are necessary?   If this is so, isn’t okay to want to address the problems that could be contributing to it? It is only acceptable the assume they are victims and therefore unable to be held accountable. That, in and of itself is racist.

In order to address any problem, you have to correctly identify it. Hopefully, it’s a good thing to want to reduce crime committed against innocent people regardless of who is committing it.

When a specific groups commit more crime, it does cause law-abiding people of color to be scrutinized more carefully. That is among the great tragedies of not holding people accountable for their behavior regardless of their skin color.

Once again, the Left does the exact opposite of what makes sense so that even more wrong-headed “intervention” will be required in the future. What’s more, it isn’t accidental.

BVSD school board supports recommendations to end school resource officer program

photo credit: Seluryar University of Akron Police Ford Interceptor Utility via photopin (license)

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