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My Visit to “Go Topless Day”


Who knew? On Aug. 26, women popped their tops for “gender equality” all over the country.

A friend called me recently to see if I’d like to attend “Denver Goes Topless” and interview some of the participants. It sounded fascinating. Who would attend and how many?  What or who inspired these women to go topless?  Was this complimentary or contradictory to the #MeToo movement?

Upon further research, says that it was founded by Claude Vorilhon (now known as “Rael”) who claims to have had an encounter with an extra-terrestrial who gave him the secrets to life. The symbol of the movement is particularly disturbing as it shows a swastika inside a star of David. I could be wrong, but I doubt most of the participants knew that.

A local paper predicted a crowd of 1000+ so we arrived early. What we found was a sparse crowd with many more men than women. There were more cameras than I’ve seen on a NYC tour bus. We were there for several hours but the crowd grew only slightly.

The event began with music and several speeches. One of the male organizers said he was there because he wanted something better for his kids.  He also said and I paraphrase, “Instead of going crazy over Trump’s latest tweets or the latest news scandal, we need to remember that there are still women who can’t go topless!”

He requested that those photographing the women ask permission first as that’s what constitutes “healthy boundaries.”  While this is certainly the polite thing to do, it seems rather “inside out” to me. If you are bringing the private into the public and asking others have “healthy boundaries” who has the problem with boundaries?”

I know. Their point seems to be that they can desensitize people, mainly men from considering breasts as sexual. Good luck with that. Everyone there was very friendly and polite, but why don’t they worry more about their own behavior and their own personal growth than everyone else’s?  I remember a time not so long ago when liberals believed that “If it feels good, do it.”  Now, they are the new moralists.

Several participants cited the objectification of women as the reason for the movement and the fact that men can go without a shirt but women can’t. That’s gender inequality isn’t it?

In this case, different doesn’t necessarily mean unequal, and why is it so terrible to be different?  The notion that there is no difference between men and women is one the Left has been pushing for several generations. It has proven false, especially by the Left itself, which currently paints women as victims and men as perpetrators on the one hand and claims there is no difference between men and women on the other.

Some of the pre-publicity takes issue with Judeo-Christian values that encourage modesty and humility.  There’s a two-hour discussion there which I will spare you.

I’m not too worried that Rael or these women who just want to get some sun with their tops off, are going to change men and their reaction to the female form.  Considering the attendance at least at the one in Denver, the event was a bust.

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