Dare to go Naked, Free your Face!

Proclaim the “Emperor” is Naked by going “Face-Naked!”

How long are you willing to be played for a fool? While Democrat wannabe dictators keep telling you who is allowed to “assemble” (Riots are okay, but churches and synagogues aren’t. Football is okay but speedways aren’t.)

For what exactly, are you STILL walking around with a shmatta (rag) on your face? There is only one way this insanity will stop and that’s if you stop it and refuse to play this absurd game.

Burning that mask is a greater act of civil rights than burning your bra (whether you’re a man or a woman.) Burn it today!
If you still choose to wear that mask, we won’t be the ones bullying you and trying to intimidate you to take it off. That’s the other side that does that.

REMINDER: If you are denied service because of your naked face, you are well within your rights to join a lawsuit to demand equal access to public accommodations. See Peggy Hall for more on that. Do not tolerate the bullying of Jack Phillips for refusal to bake a custom wedding cake while you are persecuted by the same people for refusing to agree that the Emperor is beautifully dressed.

The truth is your greatest weapon. Why? Because they can’t handle the truth.


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