Manufacturing racism because there isn’t enough real racism….

Manufacturing racism because there isn’t enough real racism.

In light of the facts shown in this piece from Breitbart, committed liberals will still insiste that we have “systemic racism” in 2920 America. Notice that the tearing down of statues hasn’t had anything to do with “systemic racism for days. (In politics, that’s months.)

Nope, tearing down statuary and pieces and erasing pieces of American history (especially the good parts) is about tearing down America completely, and replacing it with a socialist/communist hell hole. Appeasing the most hateful, ignorant and gullible usually does.

Nolte: A History of the Woke Taliban’s ‘Noose’ Hoaxes

Because the left’s demand for racism far exceeds the supply, the NASCAR “noose” is just the latest noose hoax


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