60 Minutes dares to reveal the truth about ‘detransitioners’

[[File:Dames en transgenders.jpg|Dames_en_transgenders]] Spotter2
More people have become more depressed and gender dysphoric after “de-transitioning” than the press would like you to believe.

Take a look at this story:

60 Minutes Bucks Transgender Censorship to Reveal the Truth About Detransitioners

This is another about-face in a long list of previously-held Leftist sacred cows.

How “feminist” is it to reject women who were born women?
It’s not so “humanist” or “organic” either.  Who is argued more for being “all natural?” these days?   -the Left or the Right?

Maybe people who jumped on the liberal bandwagon so quickly ought to stop listening to the psychopaths driving the bus.

That bus is speeding down the road to socialism, communism and authoritarianism and using them as the weapons.

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