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Demonizing a Whole State for Supporting Free Will

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The following story with the link below was presented on the daily AOL/Huffpo clic-bait slide show featuring a Texas flag. That was it. Just a Texas flag–as if it is Texas’ fault that this man died. That’s what they believe.

They believe that had Texas forced this man to take an experimental drug against his will, he’d still be alive.  There’s no evidence whatsoever for this but they want you to believe it so you’ll be scared into running right out to get the jab.

Here’s the story and this is why they’re using it to try to smear the entire state of Texas:

Texas official who spurned vaccines dies after Covid-19 hospitalization

This is what serves as “news” today, and it’s a perfect example of pure propaganda.

True to its constant push to get people to think in gross generalities, the media uses this story to demonize that upstart state of Texas which dares to respect individual free will (most of the time) and the right to make one’s own private health decisions.

They scream that people and states who refuse to fall in line and do as they’re told are selfish.  Of course, zombies who do as they’re told aren’t selfish for appointing themselves lords and masters over everyone else.

Why is the propaganda media and the Left drumming up hatred for Texas, Florida and other “red” states?  (Shouldn’t the slave states have been the red ones?) They’re the states not controlled by Democrats.

Take a look at the states and cities that are.  We aren’t supposed to notice the decline, the misery, the crime and the dissent into madness that those places have become.  No wonder they have to force their ways and means on everyone else.  Who in their right mind would choose it?

Consequently, they are waging a war on dissent and rewarding those who turn against their fellow citizens. Sadly, too many who are still falling for it.

It is now fully in fashion to hate free will and free thinkers. Could our parents ever have imagined that? Read the comments on this article.

These folks aren’t secure in knowing they’ve been vaccinated, which supposedly should protect them. They must demonize, persecute dissenters and openly discriminate against those who have made different choices. At the behest of their “betters” they feel good about themselves too.

The growing culture of intolerance for disagreement and dissent is the real virus, and it’s spreading like wildfire.

Karen Kataline

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