Hello Cuba, Hello Venezuela, Hello Communism

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Leftists and their useful idiots want you to “check your privilege” and lower your expectations about the growing crisis with the supply chain:

Joe Biden Defenders Want You to Check Your Privilege as Supply Chain Crisis Grows

What else can we conclude but that they are cheering the shortages in their ever more obvious attempt to transform America into every other failed communist country in history?  There is nothing, new under the sun.

Every country that has gone Communist has shown the same early symptoms. The virulent communists in our government are doing everything they can to orchestrate and force the deadly virus:  long lines, shortages on essential goods, growing and relentless control of the supply chain, persecution and punishment of “dissidents,” shut down of free speech and free expression, government control or destruction of private business, degradation of the culture, confiscation of private property and elimination of parental rights.

All of this,  just in time for the holidays they have always hated most, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If your friends and family don’t see it yet, when will they see it?

Karen Kataline

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