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Kataline hosts The Alan Nathan Show

Main Street Radio Network

Karen is a regular guest host for the Alan Nathan Show.

SUBJECTS: Why is there an organization called “Black and Missing”? Does it matter what color a kid is if they’re missing or abducted? If not, why is there an organization called “Black and Missing”, and why must everything including child abduction be politicized and divided into race? //If, as KT Macfarland claimed recently that the FBI, CIA and DOJ are already at work to rig the 2024 Presidential election, does it really matter what the polls say as to who’s ahead and who could beat whom? //Was the Durham report delayed for over five years so that no one could be held accountable for the crimes we already knew had been committed?

Hour 1 features a monologue about politicizing missing children, and features guests: Michael Letts, Tom Zawistowski, Dr. Ingrid Skop

Hour 2 Guests: Ted Harvey, Caroline Morre, Rik Mehta, John Jordan

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