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Karen Kataline fills in for Alan Nathan, 8.10.20  Hr. 1

Guests:  Dr. Michael Busler, Ken LaCorte, Michael Daugherty

Agitation and expectation are nearing a fever pitch for political watchers as we head toward Labor Day- will the campaign actually begin?

Trump appears to be in hiding while a potential bombshell is rumored to be dropped.

People are laying odds on Biden’s pick for VP which to many, could be the real Democrat candidate for POTUS.

Mask Madness- now a Nashville Council Member wants people not wearing a mask to be charged with murder.  Who didn’t see that coming? Laying odds she doesn’t think rioting, setting fire to police stations and throwing Molotov Cocktails is anywhere near as serious.

Politicians and un-elected bureaucrats are coercing private businesses to turn away their own customers. How come big box stores are going along?


Guests:  Dr. Michael Busler, Ken LaCorte, Michael Daugherty


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