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Kataline on Main Street


  • It’s not that Socialism/Communism) doesn’t “work.”  It’s that it breeds tyranny and requires force to even be tried.

    David from Washington, DC, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Danielle Baker is an RN who has been seriously injured by the jab she was forced to take to keep her job. Why does the government, big pharma, and the media, keep advertising and pushing it no matter how much evidence comes out against it?
  • The ATF could be preparing a rule that effectively bans private gun sales. How did they get the right to make such laws? Will they get away with it? 
  • Is there an actual definition of a “RINO?” (Republican in Name Only)? and if so, what is it? HINT:  It’s not the same as it may have been five years ago.

2/5/24  Hour 1
Guests: Richard Lyons, Danielle Baker, Stephen Willeford


2/5/24 Hour 2
Guests: John Zmirak, MIchael Boris, Sgt. Major John deVeteuil






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