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Liberal flip-floppers never stop claiming the “moral highground”

How is it possible that Leftist/Liberals have become exactly what they have lectured against for decades?

These self-appointed moralists appointed themselves the “final arbiters of science and truth,” and they now use that to justify their “right” to censor dissent and demand that we all goose step to their “truth” too.

How are they still getting away with that?  Easy. No matter how obvious their hypocrisy, they never stop acting as if they own the “moral high ground.”  The moment they are exposed, they expect you to give them the pass they’ll never give you.

The following list is hardly complete but is overwhelming in its scope.

Flip-floppers aren’t so pretty

Liberals used to be… but now:

  • AGAINST: Animal testing (But give Fauci a pass for torturing and experimenting on beagles)
  • FOR: Womens’ Sports (But cheer 250 pound men pummeling women in a wrestling ring and destroying the dreams of women athletes)
  • AGAINST: Cultural misappropriation  (But ‘misappropriate’ and destroy the culture of America)
  • FOR: “Tolerance” (but never tolerate those who disagree with you)
  • AGAINST:  Hatred and bigotry (But hate anyone who disagrees with you)
  • FOR: Natural, not synthetic (But take an experimental shot and force everyone else to take it too or punish them.)
  • AGAINST: Oppression and discrimination (But advocate for the persecution of anyone who refuses the jab for any reason. Make ’em stay home!  Better yet, put ’em in camps!)
  • FOR:  “My body, my choice.”  (But only about abortion. You do not have sovereignty over any other organ or system in your body.)
  • AGAINST “big pharma”  (But support every expensive, experimental drug they roll out and force others to take them too.
  • FOR: Do your own thing (But you must be punished if you don’t comply)
  • AGAINST: WalMart and other “big box stores” who force Mom and Pop stores out of business. (Never mind.)
  • AGAINST: Domestic violence (but force all families regardless of their circumstances to stay together and be locked down together)
  • AGAINST: Stupid rules (But demand the rules be followed to the letter when it’s part of the correct political narrative)
  • AGAINST:  Littering. (But let’s allow people to defecate on the street and cheer tent cities in every big city in America.)
  • FOR:  Freedom of Speech  (But not if we don’t like what you say.)

Never has it been more obvious that the cult of the Left is standing on the shakiest ground of all.

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