No Tucker, it’s not a “war on half the country”

photo credit: Gage Skidmore Tucker Carlson via photopin (license)

Tucker Carlson says there’s a war on half the country.

He is often a great spokesperson for fundamental American ideals, but like many conservatives, he inadvertently gives too much rhetorical ground to the Left.

More than half the country doesn’t believe Biden won half the country. Even some who voted for him know it too.

Why do so many Americans suspect the election was stolen? Partly because a plethora of disturbing allegations along with signed affadivits were completely ignored by the same authoritarians who now claim victory.

From the moment election challenges were filed, those who expressed a modicum of concern were demonized and shut down. This has continued and escalated until today.

Do these haters of America ever smear or ban people with ideas that are no threat to them?  One could ask if they ever ban people with ideas that are a threat to America.

I have a strong suspicion that we will be asking those question more often than ever now. They point to a sad and reasonably reliable roadmap for their plans and motives.

No Tucker, it’s not war on “half the country.” It’s a war on the country.

Tucker Issues Grave Warning About New Admin: Dems Planning War on Half of Country

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