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Noam Chomsky wants to starve you into submission

Frank Barat, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Longtime, avowed socialist/communist Noam Chomsky has unabashedly advocated for locking down his political opponents and starving them into submission.

That would of course, include a huge number of people in the black community who have steadfastly refused to take the jab.

Why does ‘the Chom’ feel that strongly about the virus and the vax?  What could they possibly have to do with Communism? 

He feels so strongly in fact, that he’s willing to expose his homicidal desires toward his enemies. Betcha he won’t be called a racist, and he won’t be censored from social media either.

It’s tough to get your brain around, but could this be why communists like Chomsky never said much about Stalin’s genocide?

It’s time to stop attributing good intentions to those who have shown that they have none.

What would Hitler and Stalin have done with the kind of technology we have today? (Biological weapons, technocratic censorship and surveillance, the ability to change votes with the click of a button)  Would they have restrained themselves from using it?

There is nothing new under the sun. The totalitarian tactics in Chomsky’s playbook have been used for decades.

We just never thought there would be enough of our own citizens who would sellout their own country to help make it happen here on our own soil.

Who’s more dangerous?  One who makes his own health decisions or one who wants to starve the masses into submission?

Remove the Unvaccinated From Society, Says Radical Leftist Noam Chomsky

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