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PEOPLE: Sexiest woman?

Honey Boo Boo: Woman?

I did a double take. Looking for a picture of Honey Boo Boo that didn’t make me cringe, I combed a plethora of them on the internet. Maybe I could find one of her looking like the chubby child she is;  or perhaps one without the layers of makeup and sans wig plopped like a bird’s nest on her head. 

Instead, I came across a parody of a very real looking PEOPLE magazine cover calling her “the sexiest woman alive.”  Should we be surprised at such a parody when she is treated and rewarded for behaving precisely like one?

A large part of the culture has lost it’s way. They have trouble seeing how sexualizing children can profoundly damage their development.  I suppose that calling this little girl a sexy woman points out just how out of control this trend has become.  Perhaps that was the intent.  What’s not funny is  little girls being robbed of childhood.  Many continue to search for it throughout their lives.  Thus, they become perpetual children, robbed of portions of their adulthood as well.

The culture that created this debacle must now be the entity to draw the line–not with bans on beauty pageants or absurd, blanket regulations–but with a true understanding of generational boundaries and child development that puts it out of favor.

Karen Kataline

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  1. The faux People cover is so close to the truth that it’s sickening. The cover photo celebrates a child so manipulated and used. We have seen many articles and shows on the lives of people that went off the rails, and often a main ingredient is having very bad values instilled early in their childhood. Many were “child stars” or at least child performers. Do we see the making of another “train wreck” in “Honey Boo Boo”? Collective child abuse?

    1. So glad there are more and more people like you asking those kinds of questions. Thanks for your comment.

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