Professional sports breaking their own legs & expecting us to keep watching.

The Left strikes again. They have been trying to neuter professional sports, especially the most patriotic ones for years.

Americans register disapproval of pro sports’ plunge into politics

Sadly, the wins on this either way on this one.

The fact that team owners and managers are complying indicates that they deserve it. Of the two choices, it’s just plain necessary to “defund” them from our money. That’s the only thing they will likely understand.

There’s a wonderful opportunity for a cottage industry of patriotic professional sports to fill the void. Professional wrestling perhaps?

This Spring, Sean Doolittle, the left-wing, left-handed relief pitcher for the Washington Nationals, said that America doesn’t deserve the ‘reward’ of having spectator sports because Americans didn’t stay on lockdown as long as we should have. Or something. Deserve them or not, we have spectator spo…


photo credit: Al Case SOU Football via photopin (license)

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