Woman who can’t wear a mask discovers leftist compassion

Here’s a story about a woman who cannot wear a mask.  Perhaps inadvertently, it reveals the bulling and intimidation tactics that every is currently facing.  COVID-19: Social Hell for Colorado Woman Who Can’t Wear a Mask

We’re living in a time in which we can’t afford to care whether we are liked or not, whether we’re thrown a dirty look or not.  Our most basic liberties are under attack by people who have awarded themselves emergency powers so they can push us around.

Politicians are polarizing gullible people for political gain.  These are people who not so long ago, used to virtue signal about how much more “tolerant” and “compassionate” they are than everyone else.  Now they believe that it’s not only okay but preferable to bully people who don’t do as they’re told.

Remember when liberals never did what they were told? Now, they’re the first people to dutifully obey when one of the Democrat “Dear Leaders” barks a new emergency order.

They like it for another reason. It gives them license or so they think, to unleash their previously suppressed hatred for those who have refused to be taken in by these demagogues as they were.


photo credit: Thomas Hawk Toping Mask via photopin (license)


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