Some Rabbis jumping on the godless bandwagon

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Times of greatest hardship peel away our masks. We find out what we’re truly made of. Our friends and associates are exposed for who they are as well.

The Rabbis in the story below don’t stand alone in their abandonment of what they have previously stood for, but it’s especially heartbreaking.

Prominent rabbis rule unvaccinated worshippers can be barred from synagogue

The example these religious leaders are setting is to relegate faith to the back burner. Actions like these are turning off the stove completely.

What are they cooking up?  Obedience to a corrupt government by advancing their never-ending orgy of contradictions and fear-mongering.

Maybe these religious leaders are so insular that they still believe the COVID lies with the endless “variants” like the current “Delta House” variant. The Greek alphabet will never end and each letter of the law will become the latest excuse to keep muzzling Americans and pushing them around with greater force and ‘jabs’.

Apparently, these Rabbis have heeded the words of that great Austrian Patriot, Arnold Schwarzeneggar who recently said, “Screw your liberties!” Wasn’t his mask off a long time ago?

There comes a point when the survival of a country depends on exposing ‘useful idiots’ no matter where they are, even in the church, the synagogue or the Supreme Court.

Remember when it was a given that Pastors and Rabbis considered their most important mission to bring people to God and strengthen their faith?  Sadly, that’s just another thing that is no longer certain.  Now, some turn congregants away so they can be brought to the government as sacrificial lambs. Good job!

People of faith have always been major targets of communist regimes but how much does the Communist Left have to fear from “faith leaders” like these?  Still, they won’t be spared.  Their compliance will hasten tyranny for us all.

What a disgrace that they are doing the tyrant’s work for them, and helping to shut down freedom of worship, speech, assembly, association, and every other right enumerated in the Constitution. Those rights were viewed by our great Founders as bestowed not by other men but by, you guessed it, God.

The same people who are bullying and berating their fellow citizens to be injected with an experimental chemical just handed the Taliban a new stronghold to train terrorists and turn American weapons eventually, on Americans.  Yet these Rabbis can’t see a connection and continue to do their bidding.

Socialism and communism have never been kind to the Jewish People.  Jews have long been canaries in the coal mine when dire consequences are on the horizon for mankind as a whole. Now, Christians are in that mine too, along with the un-vaccinated, white people and those who love Liberty.

A young Jewish student was gunned down in cold blood in front of his Yeshiva in Denver recently. The media hasn’t seemed to care except to reassure us even before any suspects were in custody that it wasn’t a “hate crime.”  You’d think at this point, many more Jews would have a bit of déjà vu.

Some “faith leaders” are much more afraid of a 99.85% non-lethal virus because bureaucrats and the propaganda media told them to be afraid…very afraid.

They appear to have lost the fear of one thing…God.

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