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Spouting Off, April 23, 2019

The Left is fleetingly rubbing their hands together with glee as a screaming headline in the Huffington Post today reads: “Trump’s approval rating tumbles to below 40% after Mueller report in new polls.”   

How did that happen when the entire Trump/Russia collusion story has been exposed for the phony phraming of a President that it was?  (and much more!)   Karen talks about that on this edition of Spouting Off.

Then, she welcomes Colorado Trial Lawyer, Writer, and Mediator, Doug McQuiston.  They’ll discuss Mueller mania and a lot more.   Doug has over 37 years’ experience, specializing in litigation, alternative dispute resolution, law and technology, and law office management.  Comments on history, to politics, to current events and philosophy. In his spare time, he plays bagpipes with the well-known Colorado band.  He can be reached at

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