Spouting Off

Spouting Off,12/6, 12/8, 12/9 WSMN-Nashua, NJ

Guests: Ted Harvey, Stella Morabito

Here’s Spouting Off #422 for Dec. 6, 2022

Karen talks about the growing normalization of Satanism in today’s crazy culture.  Are “After-school Satan Clubs” for elementary kids a line in the sand?

Guests:  Ted Harvey, Stella Morabito

Ted Harvey is a former state legislator from Colorado. In 2001, Harvey was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives as a Republican, representing the 43rd House District. Elected in 2006 to the Colorado Senate,
Chairman of The Committee to Defeat The President –

Stella Morabito, author of The Weaponization of Loneliness: How Tyrants Stoke Our Fear of Isolation to Silence, Divide, and Conquer, has been a senior contributor to The Federalist since 2014, where she has published numerous articles that focus on the social fallout of propaganda, mob psychology, and the cult mindset. Her essays have appeared in various other publications, including the Washington Examiner, American Greatness, Public Discourse, Townhall, and the Human Life Review.



Guests: Isaac Lopez, Larry Klayman



Guests: David Stockman, John Tamney

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