Spouting Off

Spouting Off, March 27, 2018

Are we disrespecting anti-gun high school activists by pointing out that they’re being used as pawns?  No, we are giving them the respect they deserve by pointing out that they’re being used as pawns. They deserve to grow up with education, not indoctrination. They ought not to be thrust onto the national stage before they know what they’re talking about.  If they know it all now, will their opinions change when they’ve had more life experience?  We would hope so. When adults defer responsibility and use kids as a front so no one can question or disagree, they do a disservice to those kids and abdicate their responsibility as adults. If adults don’t have boundaries, kids never will.  What can we do about it? Tune in to this episode of Spouting Off.   PLUS:  Stormy, Stormy, Stormy & How come we’ve gone from “I am Woman, Hear me Roar” to “I’m only a bird in a guilded cage?   Also in this episode, “A Moment of Reason” with Martina Cartwright.

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