Spouting Off

Spouting Off #143 10.30.20

Guest: James Hirsen

Girl Scouts apologize, Black men are “toxic” if you support Trump.  It’s 3 days before the most important election of our lifetimes (except for 2016!) and the news is fast and furious.  Karen remains cautiously optimistic but certainly anything can happen.

Guest, James Hirsen, J.D., M.A. in Media Psychology, is a New York Times best-selling author, international business attorney, news analyst, cultural commentator, and social media scholar.

Highly sought after for his expertise, Hirsen has appeared on numerous television broadcast networks including NBC, ABC, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, CNN, HLN, CNBC, MSNBC, the BBC, Canada’s Sun News Network, and the Trinity Broadcast Network, as well as various streaming media venues including Newsmax TV and Dove TV

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