Spouting Off

Kataline on Main Street


    • Who’s funding these shows of support for Hamas on College campuses?  How much do these students understand that they are calling for genocide of a People?  Did all that “diversity” and “tolerance” somehow make this okay?
    • What’s behind the Biden Administration’s war on home appliances?  Why aren’t people steaming as much as they are about their broccoli?
    • For the first time in U.S. history, an American president is facing criminal charges. But it’s not current occupant with trail of evidence that he peddled influence to multiple nations, including China. Is the wrong President on trial?

Hour 1:  (5/7/24)

Guests: Ajay Bruno, Dan Franzese, Brent Hamachek, Lee Habeeb


Hour 2:  (5/7/24)

Guests: Rebecca Terrell, Logan Church, Kennerly Davis, Gregory Wrightstone




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