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Have Leftist Radicals Made it too Dangerous to #StandwithICE?

Who will #StandWithICE?

When Leftist/Socialist agitators broke through barriers at an Aurora ICE detention center on July 12 and hoisted a Mexican flag, brought down an American flag, defaced a Thin Blue Line American flag and re-hung it upside down, their message was hardly subtle. Whether all of the participants knew it or not, this was symbolic of an act of conquest.

We of course, were expected not to be too offended by this. After all, it’s just the acting out of a few “crazies,” right?  Or, maybe “some people did something.”

Not long ago, many of those Leftist radicals were called “snowflakes” because they claimed to be endlessly offended by “micro-aggressions.”  So much so, that they needed safe rooms on college campuses to protect their delicate sensibilities. However, they hardly think we are allowed to be offended—by anything.

In the upside-down culture that Leftists constantly perpetuate, tiny slights are seen as provocation but unimpeded vandalism and violence that symbolizes the overthrow of our country, is not.

Were those phony softies just priming the pump to verbally disarm their opposition?  If so, that’s not very different from their fervent desire to disarm law-abiding citizens by constantly attempting to rob them of their rights to self-defense.

There are two drastically different standards of behavior today. One, for law-abiders and the other for lawbreakers. Guess which one Democrats, Liberals, and Progressives consistently champion?

Yet another, bigger anti-ICE protest with an accompanying 8-mile march from Denver to the Aurora ICE facility is planned for September 21 and it coincides with similar protests around the country on that day.

Michelle Malkin has changed her busy book-tour schedule to once again lead another #StandwithICE rally to peacefully oppose this current full scale assault on our borders, our language and our culture.

A debate has been raging on talk radio and elsewhere about whether it’s too dangerous to attend this rally. These concerns might be reasonable in light of the lack of boundaries and personal accountability displayed by today’s out-of-control Left.

Ahead of the September 21 march, they have also planned a Thursday night protest at the private home of the Warden of the Aurora ICE Detention Center.  They justify this bullying and reckless behavior by outrageous claims that the warden runs the detention center like a concentration camp.

As of this writing, there has been no admonishment and no comment from Democrat elected officials in Colorado to discourage this dangerous display. (Take a virtual tour of the Aurora ICE facility here.)

We are told that it’s too dangerous to be on a public street on a Saturday afternoon to register our support for the people who put their lives on the line every day to uphold our laws and keep our country safe.

My dear father has been gone for more years than I care to count. He would be stunned to see Americans being discouraged from exercising their rights to peacefully assemble, especially when it is in response to an on-going, virulent and violent attack on our country from within.

By definition, those who love Liberty also love individual choice and responsibility. Dependent people cannot be held accountable and therefore, can never be truly free. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because frankly, we have higher standards.

With that in mind, I respect every adult who makes his or her own decision about when and where they attend any event. The one this Saturday will have an enormous police presence to keep everyone safe.

My overriding motivation is this: If our peaceful attendance to a public event is a threat to our fellow Americans and our rights are under assault,  it is that much more important to exercise them vigorously.

The Left’s true intentions to take down and deface this country just like that flag, and then to raise it again with their own version of socialism and tyranny cannot and should never go unopposed.

(Karen will be filling in for Randy Corporon on “Wake UP! with Randy Corporon” on September 21, 710 KNUS 6-9 AM MT the morning of the #StandwithICE rally.)


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