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The Color of Colorado Doesn’t Matter Anymore

“Democrats are using their power to rule rather than represent.”

After a tremendous win for Coloradans in the 2019 election and the sound defeat of Prop CC, pundits are once again asking, “What color is Colorado?” Is it purple? -a lighter shade of blue than we previously thought?  Or maybe a lovely shade of mauve?

These conversations usually happen right after an election when people try to take the political temperature of the voters. The rest of the time, Democrats at least, are working to impose their will on those voters, not listen to them.

With meticulous, decades-long planning, Democrats have successfully molded and fiddled with voter laws to give themselves a huge advantage in winning elections–and win they have. Democrats certainly didn’t write those laws to help Republicans, but some Republicans even supported those laws at the time because they seemed so benign.

Colorado now has same-day and automatic voter registration, drivers’ licenses for illegals, and all mail-in ballots. The latter makes it possible to master the fine art of ballot harvesting.

With all of that and more, it probably didn’t take as long as Democrat strategists expected to give them the monopoly of law-making power they now have in Colorado.

If others across the country are wondering what that kind of power would look like in their state, they have only to look at how Democrats now govern in Colorado.  They haven’t cared what “color” it is, or listened to the loud and clear message voters keep sending that they want fiscal restraint in their state government. Colorado Democrats continue to be pedal to the metal on running bills and passing laws that will allow them to spend as much as they want on whatever they want.

Despite the defeat of CC, we expect Democrats to be back at it in the 2020 session, trying to drive a stake through the heart of the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), and a lot more. Democrats will keep using their power to rule rather than represent.

The most high profile examples in the flood of laws they passed in the 2019 Legislative session introduced an element of force never before seen in Colorado: Forced sex education without parental consent; Forced restrictions on energy and gas production; Forced removal of citizens’ votes for President; Forced confiscation of guns without due process. If these issues sound familiar, it’s because there is a nation-wide push to impose socialism on America one state at a time.

Elections may have consequences but that never entitles the victor to violate either the State or the United States Constitution.

Since the current crop of Leftist Lawmakers have taken charge, the consent of the governed has no longer been required.  Their style suggests that they intend to choke citizens with new laws first, expecting Coloradans to turn blue, move out, or give up. 

Instead of asking what color Colorado is, we ought to be asking how to prevent the state’s government from imposing Socialist red on a formerly independent-minded state.

That’s the only way to turn it back to the red, white and blue we once knew.


photo credit: solutionist999 3d man with magnifying glass looks at folders. Choice concept. via photopin (license)

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