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Mueller hearing finally exposes the sham of the Mueller Investigation

Q: “Mr. Mueller, how many times did you speak with Rod Rosenstein.”
A: “Who’s Rod Rosenstein?”

I only partially jest, but do you know that feeling when you think you’ve finally cornered someone and then you find out that it is you who have been cornered?  Neither have I, but a whole bunch of Democrats probably had that feeling today watching the Mueller hearings before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.

The hearing was given wall-to-wall coverage by the legacy media. After all the assiduous avoidance of key facts and information on the three-year soap opera of the “Trump-Russia-Collusion” story, I have a feeling this isn’t how they wanted that information to come out.

This was fascinating viewing for those who thought they knew the players in this story but have never even heard them speak in public.  The Left has spun this yarn about the all great and powerful Oz of the special counsel’s office, Robert Mueller and what we found was a small, confused old man–the kind the Left usually hates unless he’s on their side.

One can hardly imagine that Mueller wrote the “Mueller report” or that he was anything more than a figurehead to legitimize an ugly, fraudulent campaign to topple Donald Trump–the investigation of which will expose the tip of the iceberg in exactly the kind of corruption that the Deep State was afraid Trump would expose if he remained in office.

The other big takeaway is how the Democrats could have been so oblivious to how badly this would blow up in their faces.  They were sure that this would finally take down their nemesis.  Just like Haman in the story of Esther, they have ended up being hung on a gallows of their own making.   I’d like to feel sorry for them, but I just can’t muster up the compassion.  I’m a conservative, you know.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk Women’s March Oakland 2019 via photopin (license)

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