The Democrat Fear Campaign

Fomenting fear, uncertainty, & Trump-hatred is all they've got

To the unhinged Left less than a month away from Election Day, anything other than fear and panic is a “an embarrassment.”   Huh?

This piece in AOL/Huffington Post makes it quite clear:
‘An embarrassment’: Trump tweet angers pandemic survivors

Are Democrats actually saying that it “undermines public health messaging” to have courage rather than fear?  Yep.  To them and their campaign, public health messaging is based on scaring people into obedience.

The truth is that it’s not at all good for public health but it is good for their political campaign or so they think.

We have never seen a political party so invested in the fear and isolation of the American People and they are positively furious at the notion that we might not be afraid…of coronavirus or of them.

Ironically, they are the ones who are terrified that Donald Trump will succeed in calming the country’s fear of the virus that they’ve spend 8 months stirring up.  To the extent that the President of the United States succeeds in quelling public fear,  they could be through.

Wasn’t FDR a Democrat?  Today, his party wants people to believe that coronavirus is more frightening than Nazism and World War II.  (But you dare not be afraid of rioting and burning in America’s great cities or you’re a racist.)  FDR would have been appalled at such a “campaign strategy.”

We have nothing to fear but the Communist Left itself.

photo credit: Neil. Moralee Coronavirus: 2m vs 1m via photopin (license)

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