The Donkey in the living room

What’s the obvious answer to the question posed here?

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) on Friday refused to explain why she has condemned “armed white supremacists” but not Antifa.

Why? Because she supports them.  As they say in pop culture, “Let the sink in.”

She is perpetuating all for which they stand. They stand for the wholesale destruction of families, lives, businesses and all for which America stands. She has been put into office by those who fund this destruction. She is derelict in her duty and her oath to protect the very citizens who sent her there to serve them.

The injustice here can’t be rectified if people can’t face up to the truth which stares them in the face daily and every weekend in cities like Portland.

But let’s blame Donald Trump and then blackmail the voters by telling them that all this that they put into motion, will stop if only we will put them back in power.

The fox has definitely invaded the chicken house. How many will continue to be chicken?






photo credit: jim.choate59 Wild Desert Burro 8606 C via photopin (license)

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