When life becomes cheap, so becomes yours.

Sirrob01 und Jan Erfurt, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

A certain segment of our population is terrified that Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

While it bears reminding that the repeal of the 1973 Supreme Court decision would still not outlaw abortion, single-issue citizens have been taught nevertheless, that it would signify a “threat to our Democracy.”  Yes, I know. We are a Republic, but let’s not miss the point.

People who think of Roe v. Wade as the symbol of freedom usually also take the side of a party that is killing and maiming babies that have already been born–the same lockstep party that continues to push and even force a suspicious and possibly deadly vaccine on every American indiscriminately. Now, even infants.

Despite any incoming facts or evidence that point to these dangers, they have never wavered from punishing those who have refused. Thousands of elderly family members have already been killed with no “mainstream media” coverage or investigation, and no charges, convictions or even an apology.

If that last one didn’t chill you, you may still not realize that those with power who would treat life so cheaply for their own political purposes, would treat your life that cheaply as well.

Don’t miss the point but that’s a pretty big “threat to our Democracy.”

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