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Summer Brings Recall Fever to Democratic Governors


Six months after Colorado Gov. Jared Polis was inaugurated and on the first day allowable by law, a group called Dismiss Polis filed a petition to recall him. The secretary of state’s office approved the petition at the end of that day.

Also at the six-month mark of her second term, the Oregon GOP filed a petition to recall Gov. Kate Brown.

Meanwhile, there has been serious talk of recalling Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, although recall petitions have not yet been filed in those states.

There is an ominous common thread and an important backstory to these developments.

Democrats at the national level have identified several states where Democrats have a complete trifecta of control: the governorship and both legislative houses. In these states, the party has written a common template of progressive bills that Democrats can pass without opposition.

These progressive proposals have no connection with, and might even contradict, the ideas on which the Democrat officeholders campaigned. The bills are offered imposed on the states, possibly with money from the Open Society or other leftist groups to sweeten the deal. They are a complete surprise to the voters, and in many cases, they betray the expressed will of the voters.

It is not surprising, then, that the recall rumblings of 2019 are in response to such “franchised bills” that have been passed and then signed into law by these Democratic governors.

I detailed some of these laws in a Western Journal Op-Ed in April titled “Imposing Socialism on America One State at a Time.” Of particular note are the following:

• “The National Popular Vote,” of dubious constitutionality since it circumvents Congress and effectively abolishes the Electoral College, arbitrarily hands the electoral votes of a state to the presidential candidate who receives the most votes nationwide. Because Democrats oppose voter ID and support sanctuary cities and convicted felon voting, this corruptly inflates the national vote count, both legal and illegal, for the Democratic candidate.

Voters in every state have the right for their votes to count and not to be reversed by whatever happens in other states.

• “Red flag” laws literally open the doors of the homes of law-abiding citizens with “no-knock” raids and gun confiscation without due process. Under the guise of removing firearms from the mentally ill, a judge with no mental health training need not meet the “accused” face to face. After the person’s guns are confiscated, he must plead to a judge as to his “mental wellness” to have them returned. Leftists openly believe that gun ownership for self-protection is, in itself, mental illness.

Over half of Colorado’s sheriffs in 64 counties have said this law is not only unconstitutional, violating the Second Amendment, but endangers the lives of law enforcement officers, and they will not comply. Nevertheless, Democrats support the law, along with more policies that make our cities more dangerous than ever before. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s billions are backing these laws throughout the country.

•  “Safe” injection sites are an ugly attempt to destroy America’s greatest cities by enabling intravenous drug users to inject heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine in “safe” places “under medical supervision” and in defiance of federal law. Vancouver created the first of these sites in North America. There are now seven of them.

There is no upside to these policies unless one’s true objective is to destroy freedom and America itself one state at a time.

Many have said the recalls are a waste of time. In Colorado, where the requirements are strictest, Dismiss Colorado will need over 631,000 approved signatures in 60 days to force a recall election.

Others ask, “Shouldn’t we focus our time and talents elsewhere?” or “Don’t elections have consequences?”

There is no doubt that it is a huge task, but if we cannot draw the line at forced gun confiscation without due process, lawmakers who encourage lawlessness and the arbitrary removal of our voting rights, what will it take for people to say enough is enough? For many in these four states and others, enough has already become more than we can bear.

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