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Drawing the Line at the Sexualization of Children

There seems to be a misconception that if you agree with someone like Elizabeth Johnston, The Activist Mommy, of #LetKidsBeKids  you are probably a Christian evangelical or a huge social conservative.  You don’t have to be either to abhor the sexualization of children and the abuse of today’s kids on a massive, collective scale.

I’ve always had a number of libertarian sentiments.  I would try to dissuade others from certain behaviors but I don’t want to empower the government to prevent them from making their own choices and thus, learning their own lessons. Limiting the size and power of government is a center-right position. You can only protect your freedom by protecting the freedom of others with whom you vehemently disagree.  This of course, doesn’t include crimes against others. Where we identify and draw those lines is often the intersection at which public policies are most fierce.

If people want to be drag queens when they reach the age of consent, then so be it. I draw the line when it comes to kids.

Remember not so long ago when gay activists laughed at the charge that they were targeting kids and proselytizing homosexuality?  Whether they were then, they certainly are doing so now.  Like the veil that has been lifted from the Left’s previous protestations that they aren’t socialists, they’re not trying to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, and they care about securing our borders, this is another cat that is out of the bag.

The Left is openly targeting children with sexual messages, forcing “LGBTQ education” on grade schoolers without their parent’s consent and mass marketing “trans-kids,” gay kids and child drag queens. Gender is fluid don’t you know, but being gay is not.

But why?  Why would they actively push a gay agenda on children who aren’t old enough to know about birds and bees?   Thrusting children into premature sexuality and confusing them with adult sexual messages whether they are gender-bending or not, used to be an undisputed social taboo. We still prosecute child sex traffickers and child pornographers, and we don’t allow children into R-rated movies, but child drag queens and forced sex education is “forward-thinking?”

Intentional or not, and it’s hard to see how it is not, the out-of-control Left is creating a new generation of gender dysphoric adults.  With histories of puberty blockers and mental confusion, they won’t be very adult but they will still be able to vote.  What’s more, it’s likely that they will be happy to count themselves among the Left’s preconceived and growing classification of victim groups. What will chaos, mental illness, and social decay lead to?  You guessed it. More government.

It’s difficult to get your brain wrapped around the idea that today’s Left could be so intentionally heartless and destructive or at the very least, oblivious to such destruction.  When there are no boundaries and no accountability for what human beings will do to impose their will on others to gain power, this and more is where it inevitably leads.

Too many normally reasonable adults are afraid to speak up about child drag queens and “trans-kids,” because they have been bullied into thinking that to disagree with the “LGBTQ” agenda makes you a “homophobe” or some other “phobe.”  Our pump has been primed to tolerate a wholesale culture of criminal child abuse.

It’s time to speak up. It’s time to draw the line.  It’s time to say no.  Now.

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