Keeping Your Own Counsel

As we await the evidence to accompany reports of wide-spread, systemic voter fraud in this election, we continue to watch endless propaganda that if possible, seems more out of touch than ever.

We have to come to expect the “legacy media” to either ignore the story below or blur the boundaries between perpetrator and victim.  That has become commonplace.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

Trump supporters hit with fireworks at restaurant after MAGA march, suspect arrested

Boundaries are among the greatest enemies of this virulent Left. Without them, comes a re-ordering and a complete reversal in discerning the difference between the criminal and the law-abiding, structure and chaos, truth and fiction, and most of all, right and wrong.

With so many old external cues in disarray, it’s more important than ever to hold on to our discernment and remind ourselves that we answer to a higher authority than man or government.

That idea too, is among the great enemies of the virulent Left.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk Mirage via photopin (license)

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