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Here’s your sign…

Comedian, Bill Engvall says it would help us if stupid people would wear a sign so we’d know not to take them seriously.

His trademark line, “Here’s your sign” helps us all to laugh at ourselves, because everyone has asked more than one stupid question in their lives.

Andy Mabbett, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

What if it were easier to recognize people who were supremely gullible and easily fooled?  What if they were already wearing a sign, and it’s right there on their faces?

At the risk of sounding “intolerant,” the parameters of which are always dictated to us by the most spectacularly intolerant people, I have a few observations about those who still wear masks.

Three years after “ten days to flatten the curve” they still sport face rags in grocery stores, walking outside, or driving alone in their cars.

That mask tells us that they were duped then, and they’re still duped now. They fell for the fear-mongering mass media and the deceptive, preening politicians.

They’re still afraid of germs, oxygen, and their fellow human beings.  (I feel especially sorry for the elderly and the sick, who believe that constricting their own oxygen helps them stay safe.)

Since no one told them it would ever be safe to return to their own lives as they knew them, they never have. Maybe they will never show their faces in public again, hug a neighbor, or breath freely in a parking lot. “Free” is of course, the operative word.

Continuing to wear that yoke of submission signals dutiful acceptance of which rights the government can take away, and which ones you may be allowed to keep–for now.

When most people long ago, cast off their face-jackets along with the big lies that the government always tells the truth and only wants to protect us, these poor souls have stubbornly clung to their facial insecurity blankets.

Is that a paradox?  Mask-wearers are now in the minority, so are they the non-conformists? Are they the trailblazers leading us all on a path to conformity?

Actually, yes, they are. That’s why they deserve not to be taken seriously. They’re doing exactly what the lock-step Leftist cult wanted us to do all along–to make fear, paranoia, muffled voices and suppression of individuality and free will, a permanent fixture and a social norm in our lives.

This has been evidenced clearly by the stinginess with which our “betters” refused to give up the “emergency powers” they took, and return the freedoms they had no right to take from the People in the first place.

Public masking by force or even persuasion has been one astonishingly effective tool in their rather large and growing box.

Unlike the masks they love to see on peasants, their disrespect for our lives and liberty unmasked them a long time ago, and the signs of it are in neon lights.

We must never again take them seriously.

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